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At Drug Rehab Center Hanover, our goal is to help each and every patient win their battles with drug or alcohol addiction and maintain their sobriety once they complete treatment.  We achieve this by combining multiple treatments and therapies to address individual aspects of a patient’s addiction.  There is no one reason why someone becomes addicted to alcohol or drugs, which is why addressing and treating the multiple and specific issues affecting addiction is more successful in preventing relapse than other traditional rehab methods.

The rehabilitation and recovery programs offered at Drug Rehab Center Hanover are personalized according to each patient’s needs, and every staff member is invested in the sobriety of their patients.  We understand that no one decides to develop an addiction to drugs or alcohol, but they do decide to seek treatment for their addiction.  At Drug Rehab Center Hanover, we respect and commend our patients for choosing to make positive changes in their lives.  We do everything within our power to help you maintain and achieve sobriety.  From counseling sessions to alternative therapies, we guarantee that patients will be able to find a treatment program that will address their specific needs in a way that is right for them.

Drug Rehab Center Hanover specializes in all aspects relating to the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction, including drug detox, dual diagnosis, and pain management.  We are enthusiastic and committed when it comes to our patients, and take pride in creating a calm and supportive environment in which to safely gain sobriety and take control of their addictions and their lives.  For more information on the treatment programs available at Drug Rehab Center Hanover, please call (443) 965-9147 or email mail@drugrehab-hanover.com today.

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